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Motor Assembly Parts

windmill motor - parts

What You Will Need To Know To Get The Correct Parts

1. What brand mill do you have?

    Our parts will only fit an Aermotor or Wind Engine. Be careful, just because
    tail section says Aermotor or Wind Engine, doesn't mean it is (tail sections
    will fit some other brand mills).

2. What model mill do you have?

    You can find the model number cast in the main casting #702 (602, 702).

3. What size is your mill? There will be a letter (X, A, B etc) cast in front of the
    number on the #702 casting, this tells 
what size you have (6', 8', 10' etc)

4. Once you have this information, you may select from the about list of

Still not sure? Call us 800-789-1889.