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Policy Regarding the Shipment of Pipe and Pump Rod

Piping products
* which come in 20’ or 21’ lengths must ship via a freight line due to their length.

Freight lines have a minimum charge for these products. It can cost as much to ship one piece as 10 pieces so we are implementing a minimum order quantity when an item will be shipped on a freight line (Material picked up at our location are not subject to this requirement). Minimum order requirements will be detailed on the website under the product to which it applies.

For questions regarding this policy or to discuss further, please call

800-748-1889 we want to hear from you.

Under some circumstances this policy may be waived if that product is part of a complete system Including a pump, wire, pipe and related accessories but call 800-748-1889 to discuss this exception.

* Steel pipe, Steel Pump Rod, Fiberglass Pump Rod and PVC pipe.