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43/4 hp flint & walling submersible pumps water well pumps and related accessories

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Package includes all the items to the left

  • Open Top All Brass Cylinder
  • All Brass Fittings & Strainer
  • Flint & Walling SS Submersible Pump & Motor 

When The Wind Doesn't Blow You Can Still Have Water
"Open Top Brass Cylinder With Submersible Pump Back Up"



Pictured to the  left is our cylinder with submersible pump assembly for installation under a windmill. This  assembly will allow your windmill to pump water with wind power when there is enough wind available. In times when there is insufficient wind to pump water, you can switch to the electric powered submersible pump to deliver your needed water supply. You can either use a gas powered generator or standard electric power if available at the well site to pump water with the submersible pump during low wind conditions. 

Only the highest quality components are used in this assembly. All piping and fittings shown are brass. The cylinder is all brass construction with brass ball valve  and  brass ball check. We have found that ball valves react better than poppet valves when pumping water through the cylinder with a submersible pump. The submersible pump used is our deluxe stainless steel Flint & Walling S-model pump with Franklin Electric's stainless steel submersible  motor. The assembly prices shown  below include everything pictured to the left.

1/2 HP   10 GPM   Depths to 225'   CALL FOR PRICING
1/2 HP     5 GPM   Depths to 350'   CALL FOR PRICING

3/4 HP    10 GPM  Depths to 350'   CALL FOR PRICING

 1   HP    10 GPM  Depths to 450'   CALL FOR PRICING