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heat tape for gutters and piping - Raychem

Raychem WinterGard Wet

Heat trace cable is a professional-grade, 6-watt/foot, self-regulating electric heating cable designed to provide pipe freeze protection and roof and gutter de-icing for residential and light commercial locations. The electric heating cable is constructed of nickel-copper bus wires, a self-regulating conductive core, an insulating jacket, a tinned-copper braid and an outer polyolefin jacket. The benefits of using Raychem WinterGard Wet self-regulating heating cables are many:

Cable can be overlapped without burning itself out
Cable can be cut to length
Cable jacket is waterproof making it ideal for use in wet environments
Saves energy
Will not overheat roofing materials or plastic gutters

Additional Product Information:

Designed for use in wet or dry areas
Can heat pipes up to 6" in diameter
UL Listed and CSA Certified for use in nonhazardous areas

Industries Served:
Building and Construction

Raychem cables are "Self Regulating" heating cables. The unique cable design allows the cable to use only the amount of heat (wattage) required. Costing you less money ​to operate.

Cheaper cables are "Constant Heat" (wattage) cables continually supplying the same amount of heat rather needed or not. Costing you more money to operate.

Raychem cable's unique parallel design allow them to work even if they get a break in the cable. Raychem cables can also be repaired.

Cheaper cables, like a string of Christmas tree lights fail if they get a break in the line and will need to be replaced.

Raychem cables can be overlapped without damage to the heat tape but if damage did occur, they can be repaired.  "Constant Heat" cable cannot be overlapped as they will over heat and fail and they cannot be repaired. 

Your property is probably the biggest capitol asset you have, protect it with Raychem heat tape. 

​For more information call: 800-748-1889