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Water Well Pressure tanks bladder style

ZHP202BC   21.1 GALLON         $ 322.00

ZHP203BC   27.7 GALLON          $ 454.00

​ZHP34BC     34.1 GALLON          $ 563.00

ZHP204BC   39.6 GALLON          $ 648.00

ZHP250BC   52.0 GALLON          $ 789.00

ZHP302BC   79.3 GALLON          $ 993.00

ZHP351BC 119.0 GALLON        $ 1572.00

The water being pumped into the well pressure tank will press up against the air bladder and compress the air, causing the water to pressurize making the pressure switch to turn off the well pump when the desired pressure has been attained. Likewise, when the water pressure drops in the water well pressure tank, to the pressure switch cut-in rating, the contacts will close and turn on the water well pump to pressurize the bladder water tank.


​  20 Gallon        $ 381.00
  30 Gallon        $ 555.60

  40 Gallon        $ 540.60

  48 Gallon        $ 736.80

  60 Gallon        $ 993.00
85 Gallon        $ 683.00

119 Gallon       $ 1047.00

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How Long Will A Pressure Tank Last? 

First, the quality of the pressure tank itself makes a big difference. Cheaper pressure tanks may last 5 years, while high quality pressure tanks could last up to 30 years. If the water is clean and the tank is properly sized it should be lasting an average of 15 years. Our pressure tanks are the "High Quality" pressure tanks both steel and fiberglass and as described should give you the average 15 years. So the question is: How Long Do You Need Your Pressure Tank To Last?

The water well pressure tanks should be sized to allow adequate water draw down to prevent your water well pump from short cycling, which can shorten the life of the pump. Normal minimum run time should be 1 full minute between the well pump turning on and turning off. The air bladder in the water pressure tank is pre-charged, and is separated from the water. Depending on the pressure switch selected, the air pressure in the top of the pressure tank, before any water is added, should be set to 2 psi below the pressure switch cut-in pressure. 






Water pressure tanks are just one of the items needed to have water for your home from your water well. Dean Bennett Supply stocks Flint and Walling water well pumps, Pentek bladder type water well pressure tanks, the plumbing items you need to connect your water pressure tank to you water well system. We have pipe for hanging your submersible water well pump in the well, Check valves in brass and stainless steel for plumbing your water well pump. We have Lakos sand separators to eliminate sand from your system, including units that install in the well below the submersible water well pump to eliminate the sand before you pump it, and above ground sand separators to eliminate sand after the well. We have BW electrode relay systems to control your submersible pump, turning it off before running out of water, and allowing it to restart once water level has recovered to a sufficient level for safe water pumping.

Next time you need anything for your water well, call Dean Bennett Supply at 1-800-621-4291 and talk with one of our sales people about what you are trying to do. We can help you select the correct products to perform best in your well system, and save you money too. Call us today at Dean Bennett Supply at 1-800-621-4291.

Standard bladderless water pressure tanks are normally used for drain back systems. These are systems where the water drains the line back to the well to prevent freezing, after every pumping cycle. These standard pressure tanks use a air volume control in the side of the tank, up about half way. The water line, when it drains back, will have air in the water line. The air volume control allows the air in the line to escape from the tank until the water level rises to the point that it pushes the control float closed. Once the float closes off the air escape hole, the pump pressurizes the water pressure tank to shut off the pump. A 2 hole check valve is used to allow air to come in through a snifter valve, which looks like the air valve on your tire, to allow the water to drain back to the well, where a drain back valve allows the water to drain back into the well.