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43/4 hp flint & walling submersible pumps water well pumps and related accessories

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DG2R Tank Float Switch

Opens On Rise

$ 69.88    BUY ON-LINE


Model No. OAWP  $170.34 net each

8-20-2021 "D"

• Weather proof construction prevents entry of rain
​  snow, dust and insects, insuring trouble free operation.

• Case and cover are zinc plated and chromate finished    for durability and corrosion resistance.

• Two external 1/2” conduit hubs

• 1/4” Female tapping, set 40-60 P.S.I., 80 lbs.

  maximum, 2 H.P.


DG2R Mechanical Float Kit Mounting Bracket

1. Switch Mounting Plate P/N 00321EFSCB

    $ 69.88

2. Sidewall Mounting Bracket Including Nipple P/N 00321SSMK

    $ 46.20

Water Well Pump pressure and float switches

GHG 2 Pressure Switch

60/80 Pressure Setting

80/100 Pressure Setting

100/120 Pressure Setting

120/150 Pressure Setting​

$ 92.60    BUY ON-LINE


Pressure switches are used with a 20 psi difference between the on and off settings. When plumbing a water well pressure tank for use with a pressure switch, the air in the top of the water well pressure tank should be 2 psi below the cut in pressure for the pressure switch, prior to pumping water into the tank.

FYG 2 Pressure Switch

60/80 Pressure Setting

$ 42.72    BUY ON-LINE

Rated up to 2 HP 115V
​or 3 HP 230V

FSG 2 M4 Pressure Switch
W / Low Pressure Cutoff 

30/50 Pressure Setting

(Cuts off with 7# drop below low pressure setting) 

$ 28.00    BUY ON-LINE

Rated up to 1-1/2 HP 115V
​or 2 HP 230V

Rated up to 2 HP 115V
3 HP 230V or
​5 HP 460/575V

Rated up to 1-1/2 HP 115V
​or 2 HP 230V

FSG 2 Pressure Switch

20/40 Pressure Setting

30/50 Pressure Setting

40/60 Pressure Setting

$ 22.59    BUY ON-LINE

DG2R Mechanical Float Kit Up To 12" Stroke

(Float Switch, 6" Aluminum Float

1/4" x 36" Brass Rod and 4 - Stop Collars) Mounting Bracket Sold Separately
$185.00              BUY ON-LINE


Rated up to 2 HP 115V, or
​3 HP 230V