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Water pressure booster pumps

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17035R020PC1  1/2HP   115V 60HZ   35# Boost    $   846.72
MAX  Recommended In-coming Pressure 45# 
​17052R020PC1  3/4HP   115V 60HZ   52# Boost    
$   950.59
MAX Recommended In-coming Pressure 25#
17070R020PC2   1HP     115V 60HZ   70# Boost    
$ 1132.99
MAX Recommended In-coming Pressure 10#

Low Water Pressure?  This Is The Answer!
Pressure Booster / Sustaining Pumps
 - "DuraMAC"

PB1914   2HP     115/230V 1PH        $758.80

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Centrifugal water pressure booster pumps increase the pressure of the usable water by taking the incoming water source, and pressurizing the water through the pump using the impeller to increase the pressure. Many of our centrifugal pump models have more than 1 impeller, each able to increase the water pressure coming out. Call us to select the proper pump for your needs.

Flint and Walling Water Well Submersible Pumps, Centrifugal and Self Priming Sprinkler Pumps, Jet Pumps and Water System Accessories are all available from Dean Bennett Supply where we welcome the Do-it-yourself installer. Call 1-800-621-4291 to select your well supplies.

High Pressure Booster Pumps - "PB" Series

DuraMAC Installation Video

Pentair's Intelliboost® is a TRUE variable speed booster with an LCD screen that gives you an easy to use, all-in-one solution for not only boosting, but delivering constant pressure throughout the system.

True constant pressure comes from true variable speed. Even when you use more water the unit holds pressure in a flat line. With a standard booster, more water usage means less pressure.