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Textable Ordering

Capacity: 3/4" - 2"
Recommended for Steel (1500# Limit)

For Pipe Size     O.D                     

         1"            1-5/16"      $431.00
         1-1/4"      1- 5/8″       $460.00

         2"             2-3/8″       $547.00

         3"             3-1/2″       $638.00

         4".            4 1/2″       $733.00

Drop Pipe Elevators (Yellow Colored) also known as "Pipe Dog's" are an in-expensive pipe lifting and setting tool - the heavy duty serrated eccentric wheel will handle 3/4" thru 2" pipe without slippage. Has steel cable lift connection, this pipe clevis is designed for light weight service only.

Capacity: 1/2" - 2" 
PVC, HDPE, Stainless & Galv. 

Load Limit 3000#

Bale Pipe Elevator

                     ​Pipe Size       O.D.           Each                    

         910 WX     1"            1.3125"     $255.12
         912 WX     1-1/4"      1.625"       $278.00

​        915 WX   1-1/2"    1.900"     $362.00

         920 WX      2"             2.375"      $368.00



These bail type steel pipe elevators are designed for the well driller and pump installer. Normally used in pairs, however you can use only one elevator if a pipe holder is also used during installation. All steel fabricated construction allows these heavy duty pipe elevators to handle up to 10,000 lbs.

681NT Quick Set Double

Drop Pipe Elevator (PIpe Dog)

submersible Pump pipe elevators

Manufacturer Warrants
2000 # Load Limit

PVC Pipe Only
Not ​For Use ​On Steel Pipe

PL100 for 1" Pipe
​$234.00 per pair


PL125 for 1-1/4" Pipe
​$240.00 per pair

PL150 for 1-1/2" Pipe
$246.00 per pair

Polyethylene Drop Pipe Installation Tool  DWPPPT

Sets Over the Side Of The Casing

Drop Pipe Elevator

​Sold In Pairs

Drop Pipe Elevator

​For Use On Steel Pipe 
​2 Recommended
6000# Load Limit

Pipe Setting Tools for setting submersible water well pumps in a well. The Ranchers Pipe Holder is designed for galvanized steel pipe only. The Ranchers Pipe Holder is ideal for setting or pulling a windmill cylinder pump. The Ranchers Pipe Holder has a 2000 lbs. non shock test load, so be sure not to overload it. 

When setting a pump on PVC drop pipe, we recommend the use of the Pipe Setting Clamp pipe holder which has finer grips in the biting jaws to hold better on PVC pipe without allowing the PVC pipe to squeeze and slip, or become damaged. The Pipe Setting Clamp will hold up to 3500 lbs of non shock load. We offer elevators for controlling lifting and lowering pipe into a well. Economy pipe elevators are metal hinged units that go around the pipe and let the coupling ride on top of it. Chain is used as the lifting connection. We also offer a vise grip designed for holding poly pipe when lowering a pump into a well.Type your paragraph here.

681NT Quick Set Single

Drop Pipe Elevator (PIpe Dog)