Do you need to boost the pressure of the water coming in, to a higher pressure? If so, the F&W high pressure booster pump will help you achieve your goal. The booster pump takes your incoming water into the pump, and boost the pressure to discharge the water at a higher pressure. The pressure booster pump performance charts are for the amount of boost you are boosting the water pressure. For instance, if you have 30 psi coming in and want 60 psi going out, you need to boost the water pressure by 30 psi. Say you want to have 12 gpm after boosting the pressure to 60 psi, you would probably want to use the PB1014A101 1 hp model which at 40 psi of boost, will give you around 14.5 gpm at 60 psi. You can use a pressure regulator to prevent the pump from boosting the water pressure high enough to damage any lines.

Flint and Walling High Pressure Booster Pumps are designed for when you need to add more pressure to your line to overcome head pressure from a long line or just need high pressure at the end of the line.

We stock the F&W "PB" series in 3/4 hp up through 2 hp models. These pumps have a 3/4" suction and a 3/4" discharge to fit right into your line to boost the pressure. You must use a check valve on the suction and discharge side of this pump. We recommend using 3/4" x 3" nipples between the pump and the check valve.

The "PB" series Pressure Booster Pumps stocked in Denver have cast iron ends with a stainless steel shell over the impeller stack. 

These pumps are dual voltage, so they can be run 115V or 230V. They do not come with the power cord, and do not have a handle on them any longer, as pictured above.

​Designed to increase water pressure from city mains or private water systems.

Pressure cleaning
Spray or mist systems
Jockey pumps
Booster service
Reverse osmosis
Water circulation
General purpose pumping.


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Replacement cartridge assembly available for all models. Includes all necessary parts to restore pumps to like-new performance. No special tools required.