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AMC-F5 Fixed Point Thermostat
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9800 FlexFit Plug
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H912 Gel Filled Push On Seals
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H915 Down Spout Bracket
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How to Install Heat Tape - By FOREMOST INSURANCE

Don't run the risk of letting your water pipes freeze. It's relatively easy to install heat tape and it's a good way to prevent major damage to your manufactured home. If your freshwater pipes are already wrapped in heat tape, check that the heat tape was properly installed, and periodically check the heat tape to make sure it isn't worn or frayed.

To check existing heat tapes, use the directions that follow. It's an important safety check of your home. Many manufactured home fires are the result of improperly installed heat tape. 

You should apply heat tape to all exterior water supply piping and shutoff valves. Also protect any interior water pipes that run along outside walls or anywhere that the temperature may drop below freezing. 

How much heat tape you will need depends on the length, size and type of the pipe. You need to know the pipe length and diameter and the number of valves or faucets along the run. To determine how much heat tape you'll require, consult the manufacturer's guidelines. 

CAUTION! Because you are wrapping an electrical wire around your water supply pipes, it's very important that you:

·         Read all the directions.

·         Use only laboratory-tested heat tape, authorized for use with manufactured homes.

·         Do not cross the heat tape back over itself. This could overheat the tape and start a fire.

If your water supply piping is plastic, ONLY use automatic thermostatically controlled heat tape. Non-automatic heat tapes can damage plastic pipes, especially if the taped pipes are covered with insulation.

For this job, you'll need automatic heat tape (the kind with a thermostat), electrical tape, and pipe insulation (which could take the form of a waterproof insulated pipe jacket, or pipe insulation with vapor seal cover). Some heat tape kits combine several of these items.

Step 1: Check Pipes

Do not install heat tape over leaking pipes. Not only will a slow leak damage insulation, but it may also short out the heat tape. Pay particular attention when you check the pipe joints for leaks.

Step 2: Attach to Pipe

Use only automatic heat tape, with heavy rubber insulation around the wires. Do NOT use non-automatic heat tape, as this could damage plastic pipes. Start with the plug end next to the outlet, and run the heat tape the entire length of the freshwater supply pipe. Also wrap the water pipe below ground level, to the frost level. Methods for attaching heat tape to the pipe vary. Some types of heat tape wrap around the pipe, some run along one side of the pipe. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 3: Attach Heat Tape

Space wraps according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Use electrical tape, not electrical wire, to hold the heat tape in place. It is very important that you never cross the heat tape back over itself: this creates a real fire hazard.

Step 4: Insulate

It's a good idea to cover the water pipe and heat tape with pipe insulation or pipe jacketing. If the insulation does not have a weather-protective outer surface, you will need to cover it with a waterproof wrap.

Step 5: Plug It In

Don't forget to plug in your heat tape before the onset of cold weather. Do not use an extension cord. The heat tape must plug directly into a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) receptacle. You should find a GFCI protected outlet underneath your manufactured home, near the water inlet. If not, you will need to install one.

More Tips on Safe Heat Tape Installation

The life expectancy of heat tape ranges on usage.

Many tapes now have a thermostat that when the temperature drops below a certain degree, it will kick on.

A Few Additional Issues to Watch:

·         Heat tape should not be used over the thermal insulation or near flammable materials.

·         Check heat tapes at least once a year, paying particular attention to older tape which may develop cracks in the insulation.

·         When you purchase a new tape, get the correct size for the intended job. Do not overlap heat tape over itself. Do not wrap tape at a 90-degree bend.

·         Install according to the instructions. Not all heat tapes can be used over plastic pipes. Check the recommended usages.

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3-Watt "Frostex"Bulk Heating Cable 120V
Maximum Length Per Run, 50'
Maximum Diameter 2" Pipe
For Use In Dry Installations Only

H910 Splice and Tee Kit
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Frostex water pipe freeze protection system prevents above ground exposed water pipes from freezing. The electric Frostex heat trace cable is a 3 watt per foot heat tape, that uses the #9800 Plug Kit and the #9610 application tape.

FROSTEX is a name you have come to trust for keeping exposed water lines from freezing. Frostex heat tapes are available in lengths up to 50' of heat tape. You will need to know the type of pipe you will use the Frostex heat tape on, whether plastic of metal, the diameter of the pipe, as well as the lowest expected air temperature, and the number of valves and spigots. Example would be 1" PVC pipe 23' long with one ball valve protecting for -20 degree F would require 23' x 2 = 46' + 1' for the valve area and 1' for the plug in needed.

Measure the diameter of the pipe in inches, and determine the lowest air temperature you will protect against. Under the pipe type, plastic or metal, find the size of pipe you are protecting, then go across the chart to the lowest temperature you are protecting against.

Frostex heat trace cable uses a self-regulating conductive core that reacts to changes in the temperature.
As the environment becomes colder, the heat cable resistance decreases and more heat is generated.
As the environment becomes warmer, the heating cable resistance increases and less heat is generated.
The Frostex #9800 Plug Kit is used to terminate the heating cable. The 9800 includes a specially designed ground fault protection plug, and an end seal for sealing the heat tape cable end that does not plug in.

​WinterGard Wet heat tape is 120V 6 watt per foot heat tape for use up to 200' in cable length. The braid helps protect against accidental nicking of the heat tape, and the coating over the metal braid protects against moisture in damp and wet applications. keywords wintergard, heat tape, frost, freeze, water, lines, pipe, protection, cold.

H913 (10) Roof Clips $ 15.30 ($1.74 ea.)

H914 (50) Roof Clips $ 51.50 ($1.17 ea.)


H903 Heat Tape Labels
$ 12.79   BUY ON LINE

9610 Application Tape Down
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2102 Bulk Reel  
5050 Truck Pack
Includes 2 Plug Kits    

The simple Plug-n-Play system is ideal for residential and small commercial buildings and requires no specialist electrical knowledge.

Simply fix to the roof, gutters and downspouts and plug into a ground-fault protected electrical socket. It is that simple.

H908 Plug In Cord Set with GFI
$ 55.31   BUY ON LINE

W51-6P     / FG1-6P          6'
​W51-12P   / FG1-12P       12'   
W51-18P   / FG1-18P       18'  
W51-24P   / FG1-24P       24'   
W51-50P   / FG1-50P       50'   
W51-75P   / FG1-75P       75'

W51-100P / FG1-100P    100'  

$     2.09

$  207.85

$  155.63

 "WinterGard Wet" Bulk Cable
H612250 Bulk Reel
​  H612500 Bulk Reel


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Dole flow control valves meter the water flow and limit the flow.Wintergard Wet heat tape eliminates ice buildup on roof edges, preventing damage to overhangs.11 HD Baker Hand Pump for manual pumping water from a well.
Baker Hand Pumps are
the full size manual pumping
hand pumps
you used as
a kid when you pumped
water from a well.
They still pump today!
Industrial Grade heat tape for water line protection against freezing.


  How can I install a hand pump in my electric pump well?

4 inch submersible pump installation instructions.

Water Well Pump Sizing Information
& how to install my pump

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Duplex Sewage Pump Controller with cover open to see inside.

SJE Rhombus Water Level Monitor Alarm for Cisterns
Cistern Water Level Monitor

for keeping track of the water
level in a cistern water tank

Zoeller package system includes sewage pump, basin, and check valve.
Packaged Sewage Pumps
and Basin Systems


Dura Mac pump system for uniform pressure and flow.
DuraMac Pump System

Auto Dialer to alert you to a problem when you are away.
Auto Dialer to alert you to a problem when you are away.

Be alerted to cold temperatures or to high water condition.

Duplex Control for 2 pump system with floats.

Wintergard Wet Heat tape to protect you pipes, and your home roof edge from freeze up problems.Wintergard and Frostex heat tape for every frozen pipe prevention project.
New #681NT Pipe Dog Pipe Lifting Tool is now back in stock.
681NT Pipe Dog

Hand painted windmill are on a windmill tail vane.
Windmill Vane Art For Sale








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