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43/4 hp flint & walling submersible pumps water well pumps and related accessories

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HPP10 Counter Top
​Cistern Pump

$ 1652.05

9-13-2021 "D"

Hand Pump Sealed Flange

64MP for 4" Casing   $ 130.55

65MP for 5" Casing   $ 135.07

66MP for 6" Casing   $ 137.25

8-2-2021 "D"


Baker's force pump stands  ( deep well hand pumps )  are for use with windmills, pump jacks, or as a stand alone hand pump. They have a built in surge chamber, an adjustable stroke, and a multi-position cap. The #12-HD is identical to the #11-HD, except that it has a bibb spout in place of the standard open spout. The wheel handle valve in the bibb spout allows you to shut off flow to the spout, which allows water to be diverted thru an outlet plug on the back of the hand pump over to another point  ( such as a storage cistern ).

Baker's Fountain Pump Stand is available out of the factory on a special order basis, so please allow extra time for delivery. A few strokes of the handle fills a reservoir with water which without further pumping becomes a smooth flowing drinking fountain. Factory installed #100DPS shroud assembly is standard on Fountain Pump Stands.
Sealed pump flanges allow your hand pump to be bolted directly onto your steel well casing.
Shroud kit replaces the standard pump cap and flat bar to insure added sanitary protection. It is recommended by many state and federal health / sanitary agencies.

Baker Monitor hand pumps have been the standard for the hand pumping industry. Many state camp grounds and forest service parks are using Baker hand pumps to furnish drinking water for visitors. With just a few strokes of the handle, water starts to come out the spout of the hand pump. That is because the well pumping cylinder in the well, holds the pipe full of water, allowing you easy access to the clean fresh drinking water, supplied from the Baker hand pump.

Hand Pump Installation Guide and Parts Breakdowns
11HA - 11HD - 12HD - 11HDA -  12HDA


$ 1386.94

8-20-2021 "D"

Aermotor and Wind Engine 702 windmills pump water with wind power. Dean Bennett Supply has served the windmill customer since 1965. Call 800-621-4291 today to get help with your windmill, hand pump, pumping cylinder and other windmill system accessories.

hand pumps

11HD Force Pump With Standard Open Spout

$ 75.00     BUY ON-LINE

Drinking Fountain Model Priced On Application

12HDS Force Pump
(Same As 12HD 
​With Shroud Kit)

Hand pumps allow you to pump water manually when the power goes out. A Cylinder in the well below makes water available to pump when there is no other source.

$ 1348.41

9-13-2021 "D"

12HD Force Pump With Bibb Spout Shutoff

$ 1089.00

8-20-2021 "D"

11HDS Force Pump
(Same As 11HD 
​With Shroud Kit)