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Wi-Fi capability enables the home owner and their plumbing professional to receive electronic status messages via text, email and mobile app, including:
• Unsuccessful tests
• Primary pump failure
• Backup pump failure
• AC power failure
• Weak backup battery
• High water level
• Low ambient temperature

  120V 10 Amp Maximum, Sump Pumps Only
  Not For Use On Sewage Pumps

10-1494 120V High Water Alarm

+  NEMA 1 enclosure (Indoor Use Only)

+  Automatic alarm reset

+  Horn rated 87 decibels at 10’

+  9V battery back-up (Battery not included)

+  15’ alarm (12V) tethered switch

+  6’ power cord​

+  Auxiliary dry contacts (use 10-2614)

10-0034 "Piggyback" Float Switch

Converts nonautomatic pump to automatic pump.
+  Simple installation.
+  Adjustable/Variable level

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Float switches

BEACON ProAct 200
​Sump Pump Monitoring System