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We had a great call from a customer this morning.  Customer just had a new water well system installed and he was already having some issues with it.  The problem was his well only produced 5 gallons per minute but the installer put in a 10 gallons per minute well pump.  The issue is now every time his pump would come on it would pump out all the water in the well and then with no more water in the well the pump would run dry.  Which is very bad for a submersible pump, a submersible pump should at least always be partially submerged to help prevent the pump from
overheating.  For those of you following at home: Heat is the #1 killer of submersible pumps.

So what does the customer do? Buy a brand new 5 gallon per minute pump? Hire someone else to come and install it for him? That would be a huge expense and headache for the homeowner!

Dean Bennett Solution:
We suggested he Install a Dole valve to restrict the flow of the pump.  The customer was happy we were able to fix his issue and do it economically.