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Sta-Rite - Cistern Pumps

10DOM05121 1/2 HP 115V 10 GPM    
$308.05    BUY ON-LINE

20DOM05121 1/2 HP 115V 20 GPM     $304.10    BUY ON-LINE

Question:  Can you install a submersible pump in a cistern?

Answer:  Yes you can. You can hang it in the cistern, or lay it down at any angle. Make sure to use a flow inducer as shown in Fig.1. This ensures proper water flow around the pump.

cistern pumps

Flint & Walling - Shallow Well Cistern Pumps

EK05S 1/2 HP 115V  4.8 GPM @ 5' lift & 40 PSI     
$383.60    Call to order

EK07S 3/4 HP 115V   10 GPM @ 5' lift & 40 PSI     $467.60    Call to order

4" Submersible pump flow inducer only $150.00
(Pump sold separately) 


Water flow