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Flint & Walling "CPJ" Series ​deep well jet pumps

Flint and Walling water well pump company offers jet pumps for pumping water from the surface of the well. Many people have wells that have water near the surface, and the jet pump will allow them to pressurize a water well pressure tank for home use. Normally, a shallow well jet pump can suck water up from about 15' using a shallow well ejector package on the front of the pump. This bolt on ejector package contains a nozzle and venturi, which allows the jet pump to re-circulate some water into the ejector to create a suction that pulls water from the well through an 1-1/4" pipe. Using a foot valve on the bottom of the 1-1/4" pipe going into the well, allows the water to stay in the pipe, making the suction process easier on the pump. 

People that have a deeper well, and a static water level below where a shallow well jet pump can suck from, can use a deep well ejector to pump water. The deep well ejector goes into the well with an 1-1/4" and a 1" pipe. The pump diverts some water back down the well through the 1" pipe to lift water to the pump on the surface, through the 1-1/4" pipe, where the 2 pipes are connected to the face of the pump. Depending on which venturi and nozzle used, water can be pumped from deeper well depths, than a shallow well pump could pump from.

Flint and Walling pump company makes convertible jet pumps that are used to pump water from a shallow well with a shallow well ejector, or from a deep well with a deep well 2 pipe ejector down in the well. Shallow well jet pumps are suction pumps that suck water from the water source down to approximately 25' deep, however in most parts of the country, the deepest you can suck water from is 20' to 21' deep. After 20' depth, your jet pump should have a deep well ejector package installed onto it, using 2 pipes going from the pump down to the ejector package in the well. A deep well regulator is used to divert some water back down the well through the smaller 1" pipe, to lift water through the larger 1-1/4" pipe. The ejector package has a nozzle and a venturi installed. that is what jets the water to lift from deeper depths. Dean Bennett Supply helps do it yourselfers select the proper pump and equipment to pump water from a well for house or farm use. Call us at 800-621-4291 for help with selecting a new Flint and Walling jet pump for your well. We also have deep well packers that will lift water from a 2 inch well. 

Flint & Walling "CJ" Series ​centrifugal pumps

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Flint & Walling "CPJ (S)" Series ​shallow well jet pumps

Flint & Walling "CPH (S)" Series ​convertible jet pumps

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