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Baker hand pumps have been the industry standard for many years. You will find them in state and federal forest service campgrounds, where campers can pump fresh water to satisfy their needs while spending time on the forest camping sites. These make an excellent emergency water source for homes where you have a well not being used with an electric submersible pump. When the power is out, fresh water is still available to you with just a few pumps of the handle. 

Baker 11 HD Hand Pump

The 11 HD hand pump is tapped for 1-1/4" galvanized steel pipe, and 7/16" galvanized steel pump rod. These are usually available in 21' lengths, which will match up to make connections easier.

The 11 HD hand pump has 3 different stroke lengths. Stroke lengths of 5", 7.5" and 10" are provided. The deeper in the well you plan to pump from, the shorter the stroke should be, to make pumping easiest. If you are pumping from a shallow depth, the longer stroke length will provide the most water per stroke.

The flat bar that sticks out of the top of the hand pump is connected to the handle for pumping. The bottom end of the flat bar converts to a round area that travels through a small packing area, and has a 7/16" national coarse male thread on the bottom of it. This is where you will hook up the 7/16" galvanized steel pumping rod, that connects the hand pump to the stroke rod in the pumping cylinder below. The 7/16" pumping rod is inside of 1-1/4" galvanized steel pipe, that connects the bottom of the hand pump to the top of the pumping cylinder.

The 11 HD hand pump is also offered as a shrouded model 11HDS which has a shroud to prevent bird dropping and other foreign matter from ending up in your well. The 11 HDS model is pictured below.

The 100 DPS shroud can be used to replace the flat bar on the top of the 11HD hand pump, to convert it to the 11HDS model. The flat bar is removed from the hand pump, and the shroud connects to the hand pump body. The handle connects to the side of the shroud, to allow pumping. A rod connects between the top of the outside sleeve, and down through the inside sleeve to connect to the pumping rod going into the well.

The 11 HDS hand pump is identical to the 11 HD hand pump, except for it comes to you with a shroud installed over the top of the hand pump to keep the well more sanitary. Many camp grounds have gone to this shrouded model to keep water sanitary for consumption.

This same hand pump is available as a 12HDS hand pump model, which has a faucet on the spout. The faucet is used to be able to close the faucet, and through the plug on the back side of the hand pump body, be able to divert water to a point away from where the hand pump is. The 12 HDS and 12 HD models are both available with 1-1/4" pipe tapping.

We also offer the 12 HDA model which has a 2" pipe tapping in the bottom of the hand pump. This model allow you to have a tubular well. If you have a real deep setting, the 12HDA model makes it possible to install an open top working barrel cylinder in the well at the bottom of your 2" galvanized steel pipe. When the cylinder leathers on the plunger need changed, the rod and plunger can be pulled up through the center of the hand pump, without having to remove all the pipe from the well. This is a big labor saver. The 12 HDA model does not have the shroud installed. The 100 DPS shroud can be installed to convert it to a shrouded hand pump model.

Usually you will use fiberglass rod and rod guides with the 12HDA system. This makes the rod lighter, and stronger than steel rod, and makes pulling it easier. The rod guides install on the 5/8" fiberglass rod to keep it from rubbing on the sides of the steel pipe when you are lifting the handle on the hand pump. Lifting the handle makes the rod push down. The leathers in the cylinder are tight and bind slightly. Without the rod guides, the rod will bow, making the rod come into contact with the steel pipe, allowing wear on the fiberglass rod. Call us if you need this system for your well, and we can help you select the products you need for your hand pumping emergency water system.Type your paragraph here.

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