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Long Lasting Motors

The WINDMILL 702 LLC motors are produced with 4 reinforced gears; it has 2 connecting rods to balance the load, thus achieving an efficient operation. All the movable parts of the motor work over babbit bushings which allows it to have little friction.

(Metal never touches metal, thus this is not a disposable motor)

The motor’s design has 2 raising beams, a short one that provides force and a long one, which produces more water volume. Its positive lubrication allows the babbit bushings gears and movable parts to be in continuous lubrication.


Personalized Tail Sections Available Upon Request

Long Lasting Wheels

The WINDMILL’S 702 wheel is balanced and designed to achieve efficient operation even with the slightest breeze. It has 18 HDG (Hot Dipped Galvanized) blades with a security system to handle itself even during high winds.