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43/4 hp flint & walling submersible pumps water well pumps and related accessories

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6P Series submersible pumps in 50 gpm, 80 gpm, 120 gpm from 5 hp up through 30 hp have 3" discharge which is Cast Iron with closed sintered lead free sleeve bearing. Motor brackets are for 4" and 6" NEMA standard motors. Suction screen is 430 SST. Motor coupling is a one piece SST.

Staging is 304 heavy wall SST shell, fiberglass reinforced Noryl (R) diffusers and axial mixed flow impellers, acetyl diffuser plates. Stage Bearings are SST sleeve and marine rubber radial bearing. Thrust Collar is SST thrust bearing in each stage. Pump shaft is 416 SST 3/4" hex drive shaft. Cable Guard is 302 SST. Note that these pumps do not have a built in check valve. You need to supply a check valve for above the pump.

6T & 8T Series submersible pumps in 150 gpm, 200 gpm, 250 gpm, 325 gpm, and 400 gpm, from 5 hp up through 100 hp have Cast Iron Discharge in 3" NPT on 6T series, 4" NPT on 325 gpm 8T series, and 5" NPT with enclosed bearing on 400 gpm 8T series. Motor bracket is Cast Iron with bronze sleeve bearing. For 4, 6 and 8 inch. NEMA standard motors (Availability varies with model).

Suction screen is 416 SST as is the Motor Coupling. Sand Collar is bronze, which helps to protect the motor bracket bearing from sand. Staging is Cast Iron porcelain lined threaded bowls with 304 SST impellers. Bronze impellers in 200 gpm pumps. Staging bearing is rubber and bronze. Collette is 416 SST split tapered design locks impeller to shaft. Thrust collar is bronze which helps protect against up thrust. Pump shaft is 416 SST and the Cable Guard is SST.

Variable Frequency Drives

3" - 4" Ductile Iron Check Valves

WOLF PUMP 6" & 8" submersible pumps

6"  Submersible Pumps 3" Discharge
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8"  Submersible Pumps 4" Discharge
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Please call us at 1-800-621-4291 for assistance in selecting the proper pump for your well. It takes only a few minutes, and you will get a pump that is designed to give you the 
best performance for your well conditions, as well as a great price.

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Flint and Walling was established in 1866 making it one of the oldest pump companies in the United States. With the growth of electricity to rural areas in the early 1900s, the company placed more emphasis on designing electric powered equipment. By the early 1930s Flint and Walling had pioneered a line of convertible jet pumps which earned them a reputation of product leadership in water well pumps.

Flint and Walling's 6" submersibles carry on with the pioneering tradition. The 6P series is a high capacity 6" submersible for commercial, municipal, industrial and agricultural applications. Any water well requiring a high capacity output and having a 6" or larger casing, can be matched to one of F&W's quality submersibles. If you need more than 
120 GPM, The 6T series of 6" Turbine submersibles will fill the bill.