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Baker Monitor "ZA" Pump Jacks

​​Hand Pump and Motors/Engines Sold Separately

Model #                                                   Item Description                                                  Price Each

18ZA         Complete Pump Jack Kit  w / Electric Motor Mount (Motor Not Included)              $  4368.00

20ZA         Complete Pump Jack Kit  w / Gasoline Engine Mount (Engine Not Included)        $  4636.00

30ZA         Pump Jack Working Head With Arms                                                                     $  3837.00

99ZA         Pump Jack Working Head Only                                                                              $  2939.00

​9-23-2021 "D"​

WATER WELL pump jacks

1 Pair of 90ZA Pump Jack Arms 

$ 203.26


THE BAKER / MONITOR PUMP JACKS are low cost, high quality units used to reciprocate a pump cylinder. They consist of a helical gear speed reducer driving two pumping arms ( cranks ) which are connected to the sucker rod by two long pumping angles and a cross head. These jacks are V-belt driven by either an electric motor or a gasoline engine mounted directly on the jack. Compared to worm gear pump jacks, Baker's jacks deliver 50% more power to the sucker rod. All these models are shipable via UPS. 
THE BAKER   ZA   pump jack is a heavier duty model designed for deeper wells, heavier loads, and up to 2 hp motor. The pump jack can be mounted on a hand pump or directly on the well pipe itself. A spring-held pump rod pin in the crosshead can be quickly attached or withdrawn. The motor mount is easily adjusted for the base of your electric motor or gas engine and your V-belt length. You can operate the ZA pump jack during a power failure by rotating the jack's pulley with auxiliary power.
SPECIFICATIONS:   Maximum pump rod load is 1,500 lbs   ZA jack is geared 9 to 1   Stroke is 6" Maximum of 42 strokes per minute   Weight is 131 lbs

Monitor Baker pump jacks gas and electric powered pumping of water wells with cylinders and sucker rod. Can be used to pump water from a well without the need for a windmill or hand pump system.

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