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1/2HP        115V

1/2HP        230V

​3/4HP        230V

1HP           230V

1-1/2HP     230V

2HP           230V

3HP           230V

5HP           230V

pump control boxes

Franklin 3 Wire 1PH Control Boxes

For installations up to 5 hp. The Pumptec-Plus solid state pump protection system is designed for 1/2 to 5 hp single-phase submersible pump motors. Pumptec-Plus protects against a variety of fault conditions. Run and fault lights on the cover make diagnosis quick and easy. Push button Snap ShotTM calibration makes Pumptec-Plus simple to install and an effective troubleshooting tool.
Additional features:
• Push Button Calibration
• Run and Fault Indicator Lights  
• Heavy Duty (30A) Contactor
• Works with PSC, Split-phase CSCR and CSIR motors
​• UL/CSA Listed

$ 393.00

For 2- & 3-wire single-phase motors, 1/3 to 1.5 hp. Pumptec is a microcomputer-based pump protection device. It monitors motor load and power line conditions to provide protection against dry well conditions, waterlogged tanks, and abnormal line voltage conditions. Pumptec interrupts power to the motor whenever the load drops quickly or below a preset level. Indicator lights on the cover provide complete system status.
​Additional features
• Easily Adjustable Sensitivity Settings
• Run and Fault Indicator Lights
• Heavy Duty Relay
• Alarm Circuit Contacts
​• UL/CSA Listed

$ 210.50

For Franklin QD Control Boxes.Exclusively designed for Franklin QD Relay Control Boxes, QD Pumptec is a solid state sensing device that monitors motor load and incoming power to automatically shut off a Franklin single-phase, 3-wire motor when related fault conditions are detected. QD Pumptec protects the life of your 4-inch pump and reduces the odds that you will ever have to see the motor again. QD Pumptec allows the user to choose the standard factory calibration for underload or to calibrate to a particular system. Control knobs make it easy to adjust sensitivity and timeout settings. QD Pumptec easily plugs into 3-wire QD Relay Control Boxes in minutes, without additional wiring or tools.

$    57.30

$    57.30
$    60.29
$    62.08
$    85.36
$  148.04

$  180.87

​$  262.65